• Smaller Stuff

  • Double Crunch Wings

    Hot * Teriyaki * Suicide * Buffalo * Bbq * Honey Garlic * Seasoned


    • Price$14.5
    World Famous
  • Chicken Strips

    Breaded Chicken tenders with choice of plum or honey mustard, garnished with fries

    • Price$13.5
  • Chicken Quesadilla

    Grilled with seasoned chicken, roasted corn, black beans, cheese & cilantro...

    • Price$14
  • Jumbo BBQ Prime Rib Beef Bones

    So huge, so tender, so good.... Makes you want to come back.

    • Price$15.5
  • Nachos

    Loaded with three cheeses, olives, green onions, tomato & jalapeño peppers...

    *Add cajun chicken, bacon, or seasoned ground beef: $5

    • Price$20
    Crowd Favorite
  • Crab & Shrimp Mushroom Caps

    Filled with crab & shrimp, baked with herbed cream cheese...delicious

    • Price$15
  • Calamari

    Baby squid, lightly battered & seasoned, served with tzatziki...

    • Price$14
  • Wonton Prawns

    Breaded with crushed wontons, served with Thai chili sauce...zesty deliciousness with a real crunch!

    • Price$14
  • Grilled Veggie Flat Bread

    Zucchini, eggplant, portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, roma tomato & goat cheese...

    • Price$15.5
  • Carmalized Onion & Chorizo Dip

    Served with corn tortilla chips, baked & topped with salsa fresca


    • Price$14.5
  • Potato Skins

    The BEST potato skins you'll ever try...Melted cheddar, bacon bits, green onion, with chopotle aioli.

    • Price$14
  • Stuffed Yorkies

    Yorkshire pudding stuffed with braised beef, mushrooms, gruyere cheese, horseradish aioli...

    • Price$14.5
  • Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

    Salmon the way you've never tried it! Rolled smoked salmon served with warm crostini, light creme fraiche.. micro greens.


    • Price$16
  • Mediterranean Salad

    Mixed greens, bell preppers, kalamata olives, cucumber & feta, herb vinaigrette

    Add grilled chicken, salmon or prawns to the salad: $6

    • Price$11
    Healthy Choice
  • Caesar Salad

    House made dressing, capers, toasted croutons & parmeasan cheese

    Add to your salad, grilled chicken, salmon or prawns. $6

    • Price$11
  • Daily Soup

    Made from scratch yesterday to taste great today


    • Price$8
  • Bigger Stuff

    Burgers and Sandwiches served with a choice of fries, yam fries, onion rings, soup or salad. Add cheddar, swiss, bacon or mushrooms... $2 each

  • The Shady Burger

    A fresh hand-made charbroiled 6 oz. Alberta beef patty, grilled to perfection. 


    • Price$14
    Crowd Favorite
  • Veggie Burger

    Lightly grilled harvest grain & vegetable burger finished with red pepper aioli. 


    • Price$15
  • Wild BC Salmon Burger

    6 oz. fire-grilled wild Sockeye salmon filet on a brioche bun.



    • Price$16
    A west coast special
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken Burger

    Grilled 6oz bbq'd chicken breast, onion crisps, served on a whole wheat bun.


    • Price$15
  • Roast Turkey Club

    Fresh oven roasted Turkey, bacon & edam cheese on choice of artisan breads...

    • Price$15
  • Prime Rib Beef Dip

    Thinly sliced oven roasted prime rib, served with our own au jus for dipping...

    • Price$15
  • Crispy Chicken Wrap

    Crispy chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese & a spicy plum sauce wrapped in a salsa tortilla shell

    • Price$14
  • Grilled Mediterranean Wrap

    Your choice of lamb or chicken with feta, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce, red onion and naan bread

    • Price$15
  • Shady Glory Bowl

    Shredded carrots and beets, spinach, roasted cashews, black beans, brown rice & an awesome sauce

    *Add grilled chicken, salmon or prawns to Bowl: $6

    • Price$13
  • Fish & Chips

    Lightly battered cod filets on a bed of fries

    Full Order: $16

    Half Order: $12

    • Price$16
    Full or Half Order
  • Baked Lasagna

    Made from scratch, served with salad & garlic bread

    • Price$18
  • Butter Chicken

    Served over a bed of basmati rice along with naan bread...

    • Price$16.5

  • 5 High Chocolate Cake

    Five layers of chocolate delight

    • Price$8.5
  • Classic Cheese Cake

    Traditional, dressed up with chocolate or fresh fruit compote

    • Price$8.5
  • Featured Specials

    Thursdays after 6pm - Half Price Appies

    Enjoy a large selection of our appetizers at half price -  Along with all our domestic bottles of beer for only $4.75.

    Sundays after 4pm Prime Rib Dinner $24

    10oz Oven roasted aged Alberta beef served with Yorkshire pudding, seasonal veggies and choice of potatoes.

    HAPPY HOURS Monday - Friday 3pm-6pm.

    Draft $4.50:   Budweiser, Canadian, Sleemans, Pale Ale, Blue Buck, Red Truck, Hoyne, Fat Tug

    Highballs $4.50: Bacardi, Smirnoff, Beefeater, Canadian Club, Lemon Hart

    Red Wine: $2 off Finca los Primos, Malbec. White: $2 off Blasted Church